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A Recent Photo Collection and the GNOWFGLINS eCourse Giveaway Winner

I know, I know, it’s hard to sleep the night before a giveaway!  😉

But, I won’t keep the suspense going any longer, because one lucky person has just won a one month GNOWFGLINS eCourse membership!

And the winner of this awesome traditional foods eCourse is…


Congratulations Amy and keep your eye out for an email from us so we can get you all set up with the Course.

The GNOWFGLINS eCourse is a wonderful traditional foods eCourse and perfect for cooks of all experience levels. There is so much information in this course, but all delivered in bite size bits, so it’s easy to absorb and use without feeling overwhelmed. Even if you’ve been immersed in cooking with whole foods for years, like we have, you’ll learn so much.

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Sticky Asian Beef Ribs and the Giveaway Winner!

I just realized with all these meat posts lately that I’m due for a vegan meal of sorts. Next one I promise!

First though is this simple enough rib recipe that is a nice departure from the bbq beef ribs or the braised beef ribs done in red wine and onions. The reason this recipe is fun, is that ribs aren’t necessarily required. Any braising cut of meat would work allowing for a pulled Asian Spiced Beef for use in a host of other recipes like these and these. The inspiration came from So Many Recipes. I only just changed a few things but it still looks very much like the original.

I’m so happy I tried it. This is the type of recipe that can be made once and and then use the leftovers all week long to inspire a host of other meals. For this particular rib recipe, I decided to use it like a beef bugolgi, serving it with sauteed cabbage and rice (sprouted brown rice). We’ll be able to use the left overs to make lettuce wraps and Vietnamese style noodle bowls. And wouldn’t you love to serve them in these?

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Giveaway: The Flavor Bible – A $20 Value

 Ah, Friday. Everyone loves Friday, right? Well, today is an extra special Friday, because we’re doing something that we’ve never done before on Beyond The Peel. Today you get a chance to win my new best friend.

No, I’m not giving away my husband, a person, or even my dog (that would just be weird). The new best friend that I’m talking about is a piece of culinary literature that I told you about in our last episode of TV Tuesday. Yup, you guessed it. One lucky person is going to win…

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