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Starting a New Chapter and The Restless Palate


Some of you might be wondering where the heck I went for the last 10 months…or maybe you didn’t notice. But it’s been quite the adventure. This adventure is what led me to give Beyond The Peel a makeover and a fresh new start! Allow me to explain.

The Year 2014….

Over the course of the last 4 years I had been battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Something I have kept from all of you up until a year ago in my farewell email. Of course it took 3 years of seeking advice from doctors, practitioners, naturopaths, testing, specialized diets and specialists before I received any real diagnosis. In all honesty a diagnosis is essentially useless, because it’s one of the blanket statements that doctors use to say  ‘all tests are negative…it’s not that we don’t believe you… but to make you go away will call it CFS. Oh and there’s nothing we can do to help you’. I’m not the type of person to roll over and just say ‘this is my fate’ and life as I know it will never be the same.

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