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Dilemma Resolved: Dried Cherry, Almond & Black Pepper Biscotti Recipe

I mentioned in an earlier post on Chocolate Cherry Protein Balls that I love cookies. I don’t make them often, because I will eat them all, but also because there’s a frightening amount of sugar in every cookie recipe. Without the sugar, it’s really not a cookie. Unless, of course, it’s a biscotti! Traditionally, Italians don’t really use a lot of sugar in these little cookies, because they intended for them to be dipped in wine. An Italian biscotti just might be the answer to my cookie dilemma. I want something to satisfy a sweet tooth without all the sugar. Something to dip in a nice cup of tea in the evening with out any of the guilt. If you’ve ever felt like that, then by all means, read on.
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Polenta Almond Syrup Cake with Minted Pineapple

As many of you know from reading the post on Savory Olive and Feta Muffins, I purchased spelt flour specifically for this cake. I made it sometime last week but still didn’t have the recipe quite perfect. Even though we thoroughly enjoyed that first cake, I wanted it to be just perfect for all of you. On the second attempt we used a bundt pan. This worked much better. Here’s why.

When substituting honey for sugar, baking times will change and so does temperature. Some of the ingredients will change as well, such as a reduction in liquid and the addition of baking soda. The big thing is that honey browns a lot faster than sugar, which in our case caused the outside to cook too much and not enough on the inside. The bundt pan fixed this because the center is removed.

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