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The Best Green Power Smoothie

I love smoothies for breakfast, lunch (sometimes), and even dinner – especially after Bikram Yoga.

There’s a problem though. I usually don’t find that they “last” very long.

I don’t know if you’ve heard the saying “fart and you’ll be hungry again,” but that’s how I feel about most smoothies. Until now. I have been drinking this new smoothie for weeks, more often maybe than I should. But when things are busy, smoothies are magic. I blend this baby up and I can even drink it on my way to work. Actually, my work has a blender so sometimes I just pack it all in a plastic container and dump it into the blender for a mid day boost. I never get to stop for lunch, so this smoothie has been a life safer.

Do you ever get so hungry you feel nauseous? That’s me. I’m fine and then all of the sudden, like I was hit by a bus, I’m so hungry I feel sick. Really sick. But now it’s SMOOTHIE time.

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TV Tuesday #18: 5 Minute Avocado Gazpacho (VG, Raw, GF)


Most people know that they “should” eat more veggies. Most don’t. But here’s the thing.

The best part about veggies is that they are faster and easier to prepare that most other foods. They taste delicious on their own, they can be eaten cooked or raw and in a lot of cases come in a single serving size. How handy.

So why not a dish that incorporates a ton of veggies, without too much thinking, hardly any work, and a delicious outcome?

With summer temperatures upon us, not cooking with the stove or oven is best. So why not put together a refreshing soup with all those veggies you promised yourself you’d eat? How about a chilled avocado soup to sooth you from today’s heat wave?

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How To Cut The Perfect Avocado – Everytime

Avocado. Quite possibly one of the greatest foods on earth, next to butter and bacon.

Avocados are good for you, full of healthy fats, and turn salads, sandwiches, and so much more into magic. But how do you cut them so they present well and don’t get beat up in the process? Glad you asked…

How To Cube The Perfect Avocado

You’ll need a spoon, a sharp knife, a bowl, a cutting board, and (surprise!) an avocado.

Here’s what you need

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Spring Pea and Avocado Crostini

Last week, we had my sister-in-law and her husband visiting from San Diego. The visit was lovely. The food was not.

It was one of those bad cooking weeks. You know those weeks, where no matter how hard you try, something is just not quite right with every dish?

It started with their anniversary dinner where I over cooked the halibut (easy enough to do), sure, but then it was Friday night, and the tagine was missing something. No matter how I played with the balance of sweet and salty, sour and spicy, I just could not seem to make it sing.

The quick bread I made for a grab and go snack or breakfast was lovely, but no one ate it until it was 3 days old and starting to dry out. But what can you do? Some weeks are just like that.

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French Toast stuffed with Pear, Camembert and Avocado

I know it might seem a little different, but it comes as no surprise that pear and camembert go well together and who would turn their nose up at avocado? This is one of those recipes that came out of necessity more than creativity and I’m glad it did. I think we can all say that we look around the kitchen, from time to time and find ourselves thinking up ways of using up food in an odd combination before it goes bad. This was one of those. I had a few pears on the verge of going bad, an avocado screaming at me saying, “EAT ME” (true story) and some day old (ok 3 day old) whole wheat French style bread. The sweetness and crunch of a bosc pear balances perfectly with creamy bold camembert and the avocado adds a buttery creaminess that is lip smackingly fabulous. This is so easy to put together and presents so beautifully. Maybe you’ll even be tempted to try this with fresh ingredients! If the avocado is too scary, that’s ok, it’s fab with just pears and camembert too! However this recipe does beg to be tampered with, so feel free to get creative. Let me know what fun concoctions you come up with.

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