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Azuki Bean Salad with Blueberries and Heirloom Carrots

If you only follow 2 pieces of advice when it comes to making changes in your diet, consider these helpful tips. First, fart or be fat. This means eat food that has lots of fiber, therefore keeping you regular and maybe a little tootie. For me that translates to eat more beans. Second, eat with your eyes. Think color, lots of color. Using these 2 concepts as often as I can, helps provide my body with foods that regulate my insulin levels and adds a variety of nutrients, minerals and anti oxidants. Using these 2 rules of thumb is how this salad came to be.

Open the fridge. Start grabbing. I’ve got something orange, something yellow, something purple, something blue…something is missing. Oh yeah, green. Now assemble.

I’ve been wanting to try making an Azuki bean salad for quite sometime, but have only just now gotten off my duff and made it happen. Maybe it was the bright blue sky or some semblance that summer had arrived that prompted the fresh flavors that make this salad shine.
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