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Vietnamese Braised Chicken with 5 Spice (Vegan? Try it with Winter Squash)

Braised Chicken with 5 spice

Isn’t one of the best things about traveling exploring the food that is so uniquely of that culture?

The different flavors, vegetables used in different ways, spices I’ve never heard of, food I’ve never seen. What can I say but amazing.

Well it is for me, but I’ve always been a little bit of a gourmand, aka piggy.

What can I say. I love food. LOVE it.

It seems a little strange to be thinking about Vietnamese dishes as I sit and look out the window. It’s currently snowing and -12 degrees C (Joshua is American, so that’s 11 F for all of you South of the border). And even though it is cold, it is stunningly beautiful. The tiniest snowflakes are falling with almost no wind by the thousands every millisecond. In Vietnam, the high today is 31 C/89 F. In a country that rarely experiences cold except in the far reaches of the north western parts of the country, the majority of vietnamese food is a little spicy and almost always hot, braised, in soup form or stewed. I don’t know about you, but if I lived in a country that rarely saw temperatures under 22 C/71 F, I think I’d choose to live off salads, not eating Beef Pho  (beef and noodle soup) for breakfast. But that’s just me.

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TV Tuesday #39 – Kitchen Basics: How To Perfectly Braise Meat

A recent issue of Bon Appetit had the headline on the cover “The Cooking School Issue.” I was excited. Maybe there was something fun in there I could share with all of you. Out of 5 techniques they demonstrated, this is by far the most practical.

Braising is a simple 4 step technique that will render perfectly cooked and tender meat every time. Braising relies on heat, time and moisture to break down tough connective tissue in meat, which makes it ideal for tougher cuts of meat. This means you can use cuts of meat that would otherwise be tough or lacking in flavor and turn them into an elegant meal, suitable for the grandest of guests. The best part is, this 4 step technique takes relatively little time for the quality of flavor you get in return. And even if you are a beginner cook, you can still turn out a restaurant quality meal. That’s the part I love the most.

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Oven Roasted Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Cipollini Onions

I’ve talked about my serious crush on my butcher before, so I hate to put it out there so shamelessly (I’m a married woman after all)…

you know there’s a BUT coming…so obvious

…BUT this chicken was the BEST I’ve ever tasted. I thought the ribs I’d bought before had my heart a flutter. Well, Ribbies, you ain’t got nothing on this bird. This amazing chicken was allowed to run around, eat grass and bugs and was not injected with a bunch of antibiotics. I could tell this was a happy chicken. It’s in the taste.


I’m sorry vegetarians and vegans, I know being raised to be killed isn’t happy per say, but you can tell it had a much better existence while sharing this earth with us.

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