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Moroccan Coconut Corn Chowder ( Vegan/dairy free)

Moroccan Coconut Corn Chowder

The sky is grey and trees once hanging heavy with snow are now bare due to 25 km winds. It’s amazing how much a landscape can change with just a gust of wind. Though mild temperatures persist, it feels more like a blizzardy day, one where you’d  hunker down with a big bowl of stew and your fuzziest blanket. Ice pellets falling from the sky are in the immediate future and the wind gusts are proving to challenge even the strongest ravens (and those things are fierce in the north…and the size of medium sized dogs. These are seriously huge birds!). It’s time for comfort food. Again…

Comfort food. Perfect for cold days, low days, sad days, days on the ski hill with the kids, days that are blustery, after a night of not sleeping well or for days spent outside frolicking in the snow with good friends. Seriously, when is it not the right time? Depending on who you ask, comfort food can vary greatly. However, it’s usually associated with dishes someone you loved used to make. What they often have in common is some kind of startchy goodness like rice, potatoes, pasta or bread and some type of creamy texture mixed in for good measure. Comfort food doesn’t always have to be unhealthy though and with New Year’s resolutions falling like flies in late fall, this one won’t leave you with any guilt at all. Little potatoes, corn, and butternut squash all surrounded in a coconut milk broth and warming spices to wrap you up in proverbial blanket of coziness. Continue Reading →

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Tunisian Spiced Tomato Chickpea Soup

Tunisian Chickpea Soup

For better or worse, having a dog forces me to get out into weather I may not otherwise go out in. Today I’m grateful for that.

Did you know that Vancouver has a magic hour on rainy days? It does.

The catch is you gotta be willing to venture out in it.

It happens about an hour after sunset. It’s still light enough to make out the outline of the Downtown skyline and the neighborhoods’ West Vancouver. Yet, it’s dark enough that heavy sheets of rain blur out the lights. Each little light, a TV screen of thousands of private stories, all muted like lighted candles in a smoky bar. Then there’s the layers of sound-the lapping of the waves, car tires speeding through wet pavement and the staccato of each drop smacking the hood of my raincoat. The darkness provides privacy and the orchestra a soundtrack. It feels comforting and peaceful. I love the rain.

There’s the smell of salt, sea, and the vestige of hot oil coming from the local pub. And of course, there’s the added bonus of the smell of wet dog. I’m not in a rush to get home even though I’m wet to my toes. I just want to take it all in. After all, I’m just a visitor here.

Strangely, this darkness, the smell of rain and ocean and the feel of wet sand under my boots make me crave soup; a thick and hardy soup made of tomatoes, garlic and chickpeas.

Tunisian Spiced Chickpea Soup

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10 Whole Food Snacks That You Can Pack

Who loves snacks? I do, I do. Okay, I’m singing a little song in my head, but really, who doesn’t want easy, convenient, healthy snacks that they know are good for them and made from real food?

Sign me up.

We’re all busy people with busy lives. One of the things that most people struggle with is having great tasting, “good-for-you” food that they can take with them on the go. Eating real for breakfast and dinner is pretty straight-forward, but it’s the in-between meals that we sometimes get stuck on. Also, the dreaded “hanger” has a way of luring us into grabbing convenience food that isn’t good for us or for the kiddos. With that in mind, I present you with 10 delicious whole food snacks that you can keep in your pack when hunger attacks and you can feel good knowing that the food is real.

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Creamy Chickpea Soup with a Spicy Chili Oil

I usually menu plan before I do my Sunday prep for the week. That sounds logical right? Well, I decided that I was too lazy to bother this week and just made up a bunch of random food and thought that I would figure it out as I go along. Staring at me in my fridge was a large batch of lovely chickpeas. With the rain coming down hard, as it does on the Island in October, I was really just craving soup. Hot, creamy, comforting soup that warms from the inside out. The chickpeas add great protein but also make this soup incredibly creamy without having to add a ton of cream. This is a good thing since I’d hate to ruin all my hard work during my Insanity training.

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Insanity Style Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

As we continue on with our Insanity workout program, we find ourselves having a bit of  a calorie challenge. Several in fact. For my husband it’s trying to intake 3300 calories a day. Yikes, that’s a lot of kibble! He’s naturally quite tall, slender and with a high metabolism. The challenge for him is to gain a couple of pounds of muscle. My challenge is to stay around 1800 calories (Isn’t it crazy that he can eat almost double what I do in a day?). Not too challenging on a regular day to day basis perhaps, but doing this workout, I’m hungry every two hours. To keep the fire fueled it’s important to eat frequently, but then the challenge is then to eat low calorie meals, including a good amount of protein and good fats, but not exceed my limit. This becomes a little more challenging since I’m famished ALL THE TIME.

One common complaint I hear is: My partner eats more then I do and he’s dropped 5 lbs in the last month, and I haven’t lost a pound.
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