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TV Tuesday # 12: Easy Breezy No Stir Polenta and A Trick You’d Never Think Would Work

A stack of polenta with grilled eggplant, steamed chard and a homemade tomato sauce. Yum.

The restaurant I work with makes a Polenta Stack that I love. The polenta paired with cheese, tomato sauce and grilled veggies is a fabulous combination. This is my version of the same dish, just a little healthier. I’ve been eating it for days. Eggplant and polenta are magic, but the beauty of polenta is that is can easily be paired with almost anything.

Polenta makes a great gluten free substitution or a nice side dish when I’m looking for options outside of potatoes and rice. I’ve even featured polenta a few times here, once in the form of polenta gnocchi with a Mushroom and Tomato Thyme Stew and once as Breakfast Polenta Cakes with a Blackberry Syrup. I love me a good polenta.

Polenta is yummy but it sucks to make…until now

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Mushroom and Tomato Thyme Stew with Polenta Gnocchi

Omit the cheese for a satisfying vegan solution!

When under time pressures, I like to load up on groceries that can provide me with kick and painless meals. It’s not so much the actual cooking time that is often a problem, but the prep time. After a long shift on my feet, the last thing I want to do is be on them for 20 minutes prepping the ingredients. My good old standby lately has been Portebello “Pizzas”Preheat oven to 425 F. Top an upside down Portobello mushroom with whatever you can find, but in my case, basil, cherry tomatoes and Boccaccini. Bake until mushroom is cooked and serve on greens with a vinaigrette. Prep time 1.5 minutes. Maybe 2 at best, that’s including making my own vinaigrette. Sit on my butt for 20 minutes and voila, dinner is ready. The perfect dinner for one. Since I’ve been kicking it solo this week with my husband gone, it’s been easy to make myself something simple and still feel quite satisfied. I loved it so much in fact that I loaded up on Portobellos. Maybe a few too many…
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Breakfast Polenta Cakes with Blackberry Syrup

I’m taking part in the Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking (WWC) that was started by Sanjeeta at Lite Bite’s. Every month a fellow blogger picks a wholegrain ingredient and sets it to a specific meal. As I am passionate about wholegrains I thought this was a perfect opportunity to take part in something I stand behind. For the most part the recipes have to be healthy and vegetarian. Nothing fried!

This month Anu from Anu’s Healthy Kitchen is hosting WWC, cornmeal for breakfast. I love challenges that force me to think outside the box. I’ve tried to be consistent with submitting recipes, but I have not been terribly successful. Last month it was oats in baking. My Wild Plum Crisp recipe was about 4 days late. Oops. Life is about trial and error. If at first you don’t succeed, examine the situation, correct and try again. So, in order to be more consistent, I’ve decided to post my WWC recipe right at the beginning of the month so I don’t forget.

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