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Basted Eggs on Corn Tortillas with Avocado

Eggs on Tortilla

There are some things in life that on the surface appear involved, but actually make life easier. Take dresses for example. There’s something about wearing dresses that people perceive as putting in effort. I view it as taking one thing out of the closet and being dressed from head to toe. There’s no need to coordinate a top with a bottom or to find the right socks to go with the right shoes.  I realize that this is something most of us do every morning with absolutely zero hesitation but for some me, that’s far too many decisions to make whether at 5:30 AM or a more reasonable 10:30 AM. I want to put one thing on, look put-together, and get on with my day. These days it’s not unlike how I view food and meal prep. Essentially, I want something that looks and tastes like I’m not a lazy turd without any of the effort. Especially when it comes to something as important as what I put in my body.

Eggs on Tortilla

In the past, I could spend hours in the kitchen, mucking about, creating, tasting, re-creating. The elaborate was not out of the ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time this was a pleasure. My life has changed drastically over the last few years. In the midst of the loss of a love, a father, my grandmothers, my health, my dog, and in some ways an entire extended family, I had to learn to let go. As a result, I’ve also learned to make my life simpler. I had to let go of making absolutely everything from scratch, keeping a spotless house and relax self-imposed standards that no longer served me. I still have a long road ahead when it comes to taking it easy (I am occasionally reminded that my version of taking it easy is some else’s go-go-go). So it makes sense to start with breakfast. Just like a dress, eggs on tortilla with avocado looks like more effort than is required. 

Eggs on Tortilla

Basted egg on a tortilla with avocado. Eggs make my brain turn on. Forget the egg whites. The light switch for the brain is in the yolk. Then there’s the soothing richness of an oozing creamy yolk. It smears itself of a crispy shell of mild sweet corn and lends itself well with the buttery avocado. This breakfast almost makes itself in about 3 minutes and offers me the sustenance I need to get me through until lunch. That’s my kind of result. I’ve also served this to breakfast guests, and it can also be bulked up for a brunch feast with tomatoes, salsa and refried black beans with feta. 

Basted Eggs on Tortilla with Avocado
Serves 1
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Total Time
3 min
Total Time
3 min
  1. 1 egg
  2. 1 white corn tortilla
  3. 1/2 avocado
  4. Optional Toppings: Feta, Parmesan, Cheddar or your favourite cheese, hot sauce, refried beans, salsa, sour cream and or cilantro.
  1. Place a fresh tortilla in a small 6-8 inch frying pan over medium heat. Crack an egg on top of the tortilla. When the pan is hot add approximately 1 Tbsp of water to the edge of the pan. Cover the pan immediately with a tight fitting lid (preferably one that does not have a breathe vent). Allow the egg to baste. A white layer will cover the yolk. Cook to desired doneness. Basted soft will take approx one minute. Meanwhile, cut and slice your avocado. Slide the tortilla onto a plate and serve with avocado, cheese, hot sauce and/or salsa.
  1. I keep my tortillas in the freezer. If you are starting with a frozen tortilla, cook one side of the tortilla first. Once it has warmed through, flip the tortilla and then crack the egg on top. This will take anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute. Continue as per directions.
The Restless Palate
Eggs on Tortilla

I’m going to continue with this line of thinking for the time being as I am certain I am not alone in feeling that, at times, easier is better. Here are a few of my favorite quick and easy recipes from the past.

10-minute Coconut Spinach Soup

Coconut Spinach Soup

3 Ingredient Savory Pancakes

3 Ingredient Savory Pancakes

Maple Adobo Glazed Salmon

Maple Adobo Salmon

Brie and Walnut Baked Portobello Mushrooms

Baked Brie and Walnut Portobello Mushrooms

Pan Fried Scallops with Golden Almonds and Creamy Cauliflower 

Scallops with Browned Almonds and Cauliflower Mash



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Perfect Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
It’s almost impossible not to eat well in the summer. The bounty of fruits and vegetables is endless – all at the height of their flavor. We have been enjoying plums immensely, but today’s breakfast idea will pair great with just about any fruit or berry.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes! This is the ultimate weekend breakfast if you ask me. Doesn’t fresh seasonal fruit just SCREAM for ricotta!

My first experience with lemon ricotta pancakes was during a stint working for Brad Lazarenko at Culina Restaurant. It was our Saturday brunch special. That was over 10 years ago now, but the memory of it is still rich in my mind.

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3 Ingredient Savory Pancakes

Broccoli and Egg Pancakes

3 ingredient savory pancakes!

Actually, it’s better than that. 3 ingredient healthy pancakes.

How freakin’ awesome is that?

Now other than their shape, they have very little in common with the North American breakfast staple. In fact, they are almost the opposite. These pancakes will stabilize blood sugar levels instead of sending it through the roof, like your typical dose of diabetes on a plate.

With a base of broccoli and eggs, these pancakes are healthy, veggie packed, protein rich and loaded with omega 3s and totally satisfying. I even threw in a little turmeric for the benefits of curcumin. They also happen to be gluten free, grain free,  and they definitely don’t need syrup.

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TV Tuesday # 11: How To Make The Perfect Poached Egg

Poached Eggs
We went out for breakfast recently and I have to say I was super disappointed. For me, breakfast is all about the egg!

I ordered soft poached eggs on toast. My soft poached eggs were far from soft and, to be honest, I’m not sure they were even poached at all (hiding under a mound of melted cheese and fried onions and peppers it was hard to tell).

The perfectly poached egg can be tricky if you’re not armed with a few very key tricks and tips. If you’ve ever tried making poached eggs at home and had the whites spread out into the water creating a large eggy mess, read on.


Did your eggs turn out rubbery? Or do you hate the taste of vinegar left on the egg? We’ll show you how to create the perfectly poached egg. It’s a great way to start your day and also makes a delicious addition to a salad!

You’ll need a medium size pot, some vinegar, farm fresh eggs, and a slotted spoon.

The Egg

Unlike the perfectly cooked hard boiled egg, which works best with older eggs, creating the perfectly cooked poached egg requires the freshest eggs you can get. One way to tell if your eggs are fresh is to crack it on a plate. If the egg whites sit snuggly up against the yolk, your eggs are fresh enough for this technique. If the whites run all over the plate loosely, not clinging to the yolk, use these for another purpose. We’ll show you what this looks like in the video.

The Water Temperature vs Texture

Water temperature plays a large roll in creating the perfect texture. As discussed in the TV Tuesday episode on creating the perfectly cooked hard boiled egg, the water should NOT be at a rolling boil. This creates a tough, chewy and unpalatable egg.

This is especially crucial in a poached egg since there is no shell to protect the delicate egg whites. The perfect temperature should be slightly less then a gentle simmer. We’ll show you what this looks like so you don’t get a rubber bouncy ball for breakfast!

The Vinegar

You can make a poached egg without vinegar, but it makes the job a lot easier. Any type of vinegar works fine and the end flavor of the egg will depend on the type used. Don’t let the fact that you only have red wine vinegar in the house distract you from making poached eggs, any vinegar will work just fine. Vinegar helps the egg whites coagulate and makes poached eggs almost fool proof. If you don’t like the taste of vinegar, have a second pot of hot, salted water set aside and give them a quick dunk/rinse with a slotted spoon after they’ve finished cooking in the vinegar water.


Bonus: Swirl The Water

This is my favorite trick that works especially well even if your eggs are not as fresh as they should be. If you swirl the water with a spoon before putting the egg in, it will create a water funnel and twirl the egg. This keeps the egg whites in a small compact shape. However, this trick only works if you’re only cooking one egg at a time. If cooking several eggs at once make sure you’re using a large enough pot to allow the eggs to have enough space between them so they don’t stick together.  Each egg should have a few inches of space around them.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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The 2 Secrets To Making The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Hard boiled eggs.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well, in truth, they are. Chances are you’ve been making them your whole life. Throw them in a pot of boiling water and take them out a few minutes later. Voila. So, that’s how you make a good hard boiled egg.

But what about the perfect hard boiled egg?

I’m talking about the hard boiled egg that has the perfect consistency, the perfect texture, the perfect doneness of the yoke, it peels super easy, and has absolutely no blue/black ring around the yoke. That’s the one you want.

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