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I received a book called the Superfood Kitchen by Julie Morris. I had agreed to review it and would only post a review if I liked it. Well, to my surprise it wasn’t only a superfood cookbook, but vegan too! I actually didn’t realize it at first with the absence of terms like “vegan cheese” and “butter substitute” but after spending a couple of hours with the book I realized I was going to be in for a real treat! Don’t let the price tag fool you (less than $10.00) it’s absolutely packed full of great recipes and information in a 200 plus page hard cover book.

This cookbook is going to really come in handy for my new adventure I’m going on. No I am not going vegan…but I will have to eat vegan for a short time. I’ll tell you ALL about it soon.

So yes, I’m still a meat lover, egg lover and cheese lover. But I really do feel its important to buy it locally and from a farm that raises their animals ethically and sustainably. I told myself that if I couldn’t buy it that way…I wouldn’t buy it at all. Of course I made that promise to myself not knowing I’d be in a situation where I wouldn’t be able to source it! Now I am going to be in a situation where the likelihood of getting ethically raised animal products are slim to none.

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