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Kamut Salad with Roasted Beets, Arugula and Bocconcini

Today’s salad creation was inspired by some of our finds from our trek to the Farmers Market on Saturday. Though I have to admit it wasn’t as crazy as it usually is. Normally the approach to the market can be quite stressful. Along a narrow back road, cars are parked on both sides, bumper to bumper, for  almost half a kilometer just to get to the overflow “parking lot.” Now, that’s not the stressful part. It’s the children and off leash dogs running hither and thither, sneaking through the tight narrow spaces between the bumpers, only to surprise on coming traffic with their “jack in the box” presence.  Jack in the box with kids + cars = Scary. This particular Saturday there were actually visible spaces between the vehicles. That was nice.

One of the most exciting thing about living in a small community is discovering all the surprising things that are available at the local farmers markets. I think we’re especially fortunate here in the Comox Valley because we have such a long growing season and diverse agricultural lands – at least by Canadian standards. The land is rich with a multitude of food producers, from cheese artisans, farmers that sell partridges, quail eggs, bison, arugula, scape, edible flowers and the list goes on. As for value added products, we have products such as wasabi from a local farm specializing in Asian vegetables, jams that the most avid foodie would lust after, stone fired breads, beeswax candles, pasta, venison pate and enchiladas.

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