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Roasted Pork Shoulder with Puy Lentils and Root Vegetables

Those of you who follow my blog know that I love simplicity in the kitchen. It’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a good fussy recipe from time to time or have times when I spend the whole day (9 am to 8 pm) in the kitchen in absolute bliss, but I think of those as the exception not the rule. The less chopping and stirring the better.

Enter cheap cuts of meats. I love inexpensive cuts of meat because they require long cooking times at moderate temperatures with little to no supervision. The price tag doesn’t hurt either. Now I am certain that you could do this in a crock pot if you have one, but I love using my bright orange Le Creuset pot. Set the ingredients to go in the morning and come home to a home cooked meal with the house smelling amazing.

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Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Drop Scones and a Secret Ingredient

I was feeling like having something special. You know those mornings where you feel like celebrating the fact that you’re alive, healthy and free? I absolutely adore those precious moments of the morning that are all your own. The French treat themselves to a chocolate croissant, so I figured, why not create something along those lines? I’ll be honest here, I love chocolate croissants. But I have no idea how they could have them for breakfast. I’d starve. I wanted something a little more substantial, something with a little sticky power. Why not something between a biscuit and a scone? While we’re at it, why not add some lentils? Yup, lentils! People are on a quinoa kick, adding them to cakes so why not add the much neglected lentil? We’ve seen it in cookies, so let’s expand on that idea. Lentils are packed with fiber, iron and protein. It sounded like this might be the trick for the “sticking” power I was looking for.

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Don’t Hate On the Lentils – 5 Fun Ways to Eat Lentils

As many of you know I am a big fan of lentils, of all varieties. The red lentils that are delicate and make my favorite carrot lentil soup. French Puy lentils are my absolute favorite and who could forget the cute gem like Beluga Lentils? There are many varieties used all over the world.  Look for brown lentils, green lentils, yellow/tan lentils, Mexican yellow lentils etc. They are used in many of the eastern countries and can be found as a staple in Ethiopia,  South Asia, the Middle East, Egypt, the Mediterranean, South and Central America and often seen in French cooking. However it is not something we often see in North America, where a large part of our protein source comes from animals. Many vegetarians and vegans include lentils as a large part of their diet because of its nutritional value.

Here’s a few reasons why you might want to consider using them more often. They don’t require soaking so they’re much more convenient to use than other beans and legumes. They’re high in Vitamin A and B, high in complex carbohydrates, high in fiber, yet low in fat. With 25% of its calories coming from protein, lentils are only second to soybeans and hemp seeds as a plant based protein source. Don’t forget that on top of all these great reasons to eat them they are also very inexpensive. I like that!

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Lemon Cumin Spiced Beluga Lentils with Roasted Squash and Turmeric Spiced Shrimp

I’ve been wanting to try beluga lentils for a long time. They’re not the easiest to find, but this recipe will work equally well with french lentils. I think the appeal comes from the fact that they’re almost black, a little shiny, kind of like little black gems. Maybe I should try sprouting them. Anyway, this turned out to be perfect. A light meal packed full of nutrition and nothing to leave you feeling over stuffed or sluggish. We had this for dinner but it would also make an amazing weekend lunch as well. I love the aroma of toasted cumin seeds, the fresh citrus smell of lemons all paired with the mild earthy taste of these little delicate lentils. The squash adds some filler and is less traditional than peppers or zucchini, but I would recommend adding fresh spinach at the end of the cooking time of the lentils to balance out all the orange on this plate.

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Carrot Lentil Soup

Love Carrots !

Nothing fancy here folks, just good ol’ comforting lentil soup. Until you taste this little gem of course. Years and years ago, let’s just say less than a decade ago, my sister made this soup for me on a chilly fall day shortly after I moved to Edmonton, Alberta. I was a little lonely and feeling saddened by the ever shrinking amount of daylight we were getting and my sister and I sat down to have lunch together. There’s something about that memory. A combination of the fall light shining through the kitchen window upon our seats, the comfort of a sister and friend, and the intimacy of sharing a casual lunch on a clear cold afternoon that has made this my “go to” soup. My husband swears that he fell for me when I made him this soup on cold stormy December day in Nelson, BC.

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