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The Millet Energy Salad

I’ll be hosting the Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking event during the month of October. The WWC was started by Sanjeeta at Lite Bite. This month the challenge is to use millet in a lunch recipe. Once a week during the month of October I’ll be sharing some fab millet recipes for those of you interested in trying a new wholegrain on for size.

It’s funny, as soon as you start looking for millet, you’ll find it everywhere. I recently saw it on Jeanette’s Healthy Living, Chicken Thai Skewers (served with millet) and Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers with Millet and Black bean Pilaf. Or this delightful recipe at Lite Bite for Millet Chocolate Cake.

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Fennel Mustard Seed Rockfish with Broiled Orange and Radish Millet Salad

It’s not often that 2 recipes I create back to back end up being our new favorite meals. I’m pretty picky and my husband’s standards have gotten as high as mine. It’s an occupational hazard I suppose. The fish is amazing but if you’re vegan or vegetarian this is a great salad all on it’s own. It also happens to be gluten free. There is so much flavor in this little number you’ll never even notice that it’s a meal that’s really good for you. I know that on my previous post I mentioned I would make a recipes using peaches. Before I go onto peaches, you should all know that the left over meat and braising liquid from the Espresso Paprika Braised Country Style Ribs makes a deadly soup. Stupid good.

As for the peaches, you probably figured out by now that there are no peaches in this recipe. They turned out dry and fibrous. Hideous. If anyone knows of a way to salvage such terrible peaches, let me know. It’s sad to see them go to waste. Fortunately I had some juicy sweet unassuming oranges that would do the trick nicely. Sometimes I think the universe plays with me a little. The oranges turned out to be the perfect compliment to this dinner style salad. I wonder what made me think of peaches in the first place?

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Asian Millet Salad with Mango

I wanted to highlight a fun summer salad as the summer solstice is fast approaching. I love all the fresh flavors that come out in the spring and summer that don’t get a lot of play in the winter. Mostly it’s all the fresh salads that I miss the most, like Watermelon Mint salad or Fennel cucumber salads. This Asian Millet Salad is one of those recipes that’s easy to whip up and of course there is a lot of flexibility in the ingredients so use what you have.

The one thing that I think is quintessential to all summer salads is a light zippy dressing that allows the true flavors of the fruits and vegetables to shine through. By that marker this salad is a perfect salad to make if you’re planning a little get together for the summer solstice.

Weary about trying a new grain? If you like quinoa, you’ll most likely love millet. You can even toast millet at the beginning of the cooking process to bring out the nuttiness like you would with quinoa.
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