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Orange and Salmon Lox Mille Feuille

Orange and Salmon Lox Mille Feuillejpg
When you can’t go anywhere for date night, you just have to make it special at home.

Being trapped in the bush makes it so going anywhere for dinner really isn’t an option, but neither is foregoing date night!  Being out in the boreal forest with not much to do in the evening also leaves us plenty of time to do date night as often as we like.

“Mille Feuille” translates to thousand leaves and traditionally there are 3 layers of puff pastry and 2 layers of pastry cream. But it could be so much more than just cream and pastry (not that there isn’t a place for that too!).

I was recently inspired by Mireille Guiliano with her idea of creating “Mille Feuille” appetizers using fruits and vegetables as the layers. We tried it with grapefruit and mashed avocado as the layers. It was delish. So easy and good in fact, that we tried it the following day with orange and salmon lox.

If you enjoy salmon lox, I think you’ll enjoy the play between the sweet and salty.  I added just a touch of goat cheese to add a bit of a sour tang and olive oil for satiety. The combination of all 4 creates a balanced flavor profile.

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