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Pasta with a Fresh Mango Cashew Cream and Bay Scallops

As a follow up to a previous post, I wanted to make a version of a pasta dish that my husband had at a restaurant called The Flying Otter Grill while we were in Victoria for the May long weekend, AKA my birthday week. Not exactly a place that you would instantly suspect had good food. Though it had a beautiful view, being right on the water in the downtown Victoria harbor. I suspect that it’s location had more to do with the fact that this company also runs a float plane business. Yup, like a mini airport on the water. See what I mean. Airport food? Not most people’s first choice. I guess the building they are in has a lot more space than they needed to run flight tours, scenic flights and hop over flights to Vancouver, so they decided to use the remaining space for a restaurant/ pub on the water. Not a bad idea. This place is not at all what you would suspect from the phone message you get when calling in for reservations. Option 6 gets you the restaurant, but the first 5 options talks about flight options. At first I almost hung up thinking I had gotten the wrong number. I am glad I didn’t.

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