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Salmon Kabobs with Pine Nut Salsa and Sprouted Spelt Naan Bread

Sometimes it just nice to have a simple meal without all the bells and whistle. The simplicity of a rich fish, nut salsa with some naan bread and yogurt cheese was the the perfect compliment to a warm winter afternoon. I was able to strike up the barby, get some naan bread going and grill up some fish. Yes I made my naan bread on the bbq! What a lovely way to take a break from the day on a Saturday afternoon, sitting on bar stools at the kitchen counter, the sun streaming in. My honey bee had gotten home from skiing and it was a lovely way to just settle into a nice afternoon.

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New Years Eve Recipes: Green Beans and Smoked Paprika Pine Nuts

So as we are heading towards the New Years, I like to focus on fun, healthy, real food appetizers that I can serve to my guests. Here’s last years post on some great appy/tapas ideas. I’ve decided to continue the theme this year and I’d love if you got in on the action and contributed to the conversation. Please leave a link in the comment section if you’d like to include a post in the New Years Eve round up. I’ll be posting it on the 30th.

Last year we made prosciutto wrapped asparagus (among many others). This year I want to make green beans. These beans have a few steps but they are worth every one and in 10 minutes this dish can be from fridge to table. Anyone can handle that kind of time commitment, right?

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