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Wild Plum Crisp: Part 3 of the Plum Series

To continue on with our plum series, I wanted to make a plum crisp, or a plum crumble as some might call it. This versatile dish can be made with any fruit of course but I used what I had plenty of. Growing up we would even have this for breakfast, just as I did on this fine morning.

The usual aspects of converting recipes to include more whole foods is still present in this recipe, but lately I have been focusing on using more natural sweeteners or alternative sweeteners. So today I wanted to challenge readers to consider cononut sugar or palm sugar (the same thing) in their baking. When trying out new sweeteners, it’s always best to start with simple recipes, thereby lowering the failure rate. I have used palm sugar in many different recipes and other then being less sweet, it has worked out great. Coconut sugar or palm sugar may not be nearly as sweet as regular sugar, but it is a lot less processed. Having a low glycemic index makes it an ideal choice for a less sugary version of this traditional fruit based dessert. I originally tried this with half a cup of palm sugar but found it too tart. I’ve adjusted it here to accommodate that.

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Plum Recipes Series: How to make Plum Salsa in 5 Minutes

Since we’ve got so many wild plums laying around the house, I thought we’d make a series of plum recipes for your enjoyment (and so I can use these babies up!). After sharing a dessert option with the plum tart, I thought it would be fun to show how you can use plums as a topping for barbecued meats or fish. The problem with most barbecue sauces is that they’re heavy in refined sugars. This plum salsa recipe has no added sugar, and whips up fast. We decided to shoot a little video to show you just how fast. I’ve posted the recipe ingredients below. Stay tuned for the next plum recipe in the series!

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