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TV Tuesday #14: The Secret To Cooking Perfect Quinoa Every Time

Quinoa, Black Bean and Broccoli Salad with a Blackberry Serrano Dressing

Today we wanted to touch on quinoa. Where you are in your whole food journey will determine your familiarity with this extremely versatile grain/seed.  With all of its media attention these days, the chances are high you are familiar with this new Hollywood star of the superfood world. But if you’ve never met, please allow me to introduce you!

Today I’m not going to share any fancy recipes, just the basics. I spend a lot of time on the internet and I’m always surprised by how many variations there seem to be on cooking quinoa. So, if you’re new to whole foods or just starting out on your journey, you may find yourself confused as to how to cook it.

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Whole Food Wednesdays: Black Bean, Quinoa & Broccoli Salad with Blackberry Serrano Sauce

Welcome to Whole Food Wednesdays. You’re invited to come and share your real food recipes using the linky below. We’re excited to see what yummy things you’ve been creating and what great informational posts and videos you’ve got for us.

It was one of those nights where I had no idea what to eat. France headed out for Bikram Yoga at 5pm and wouldn’t be home until close to 7, which meant dinner was squarely in my court. I opened the fridge with a blank, deer-in-headlights kind of stare to see what inspired me. All that stood out to me was broccoli and the batch of black beans I’d cooked a few days before (I eat beans, eggs, and spinach for breakfast every day). So, what’s a boy to do?

Google it.

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Top 5 Whole Foods: Why We Love Cooking Quinoa – Its Health Benefits, Recipes, and More

After a bit of a hiatus, we’re continuing our five favorite whole foods video series. This next whole food is definitely one of our favorites – and for good reason. It’s delicious, has a mild flavor, cooks up in 20 minutes, goes well in any meal of the day (even dessert!) and is fairly inexpensive when bought in bulk. Pull back the curtains, give a standing ovation, or raise a glass to our dear friend – Quinoa!

In this latest video, I share with you a little history on quinoa, and why it’s a must have in any kitchen these days. I’ll also share with you why it’s one of the easiest whole foods to incorporate into your families diet and give you a bunch of different ideas on how you can use it in any meal of the day.
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Mango Quinoa Salad with a Lime Ginger Vinaigrette

Summer salads are a must for picnics and BBQs, but what I hate is a salad that gets soggy and nasty an hour after the dressing has been added. For example, a tossed green salad or a spinach salad are delicious but what a waste if the entire salad doesn’t get eaten! When going to a pot luck or barbeque, let me suggest something that can hold up to being left sitting in the heat for a long time, gets better on day 2, and allows you to eat the left overs for several days after the party is over, if you should be so lucky. Bean salads and vegetable salads are great, but I like to bring quinoa salads. They’re great for the vegetarians in the crowd but are also great for celiacs and this one is even vegan friendly. The meat eater out there won’t complain either!

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What’s for Breakfast Honey?

Poached Eggs on Quinoa Bulgur Pilaf

Something you all should know is that I’m lazy. If there’s a short cut, I will try to take it. Often in my attempt to find a short cut, I end up doing things the long way up front to save time later. If I’m making some grain, seed, bean or legume, I’ll usually make extra. It saves so much time in the long run with no added effort, except for measuring out the extra cup of “X” and water. It means that I can have breakfasts like these in less than 10 minutes. Heck, it takes me longer to make oatmeal. No offense on oats. I love oats, just not everyday.

If you’re having guests over for the weekend this dish is perfect since all the work can be done ahead of time, minus cooking the eggs and warming up the pilaf. Then you can take the time to enjoy your company. Or in my case a quiet morning with my cup of tea.

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