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Sweet Almond and Sprouted Spelt Tart with Roasted Rhubarb Jam

I wanted to post this recipe with the last post I wrote, but it started to get a little long and I didn’t want to bore everyone so I’m posting it today instead. Using some of the resources in this post, I was able to create the following delightful dessert!

This dessert is made with sour cream, sprouted flour and sweetened with honey. You could almost say it’s healthy, but definitely nothing to feel bad about eating as a lovely snack or dessert. I’ll go into detail about the ingredients in a little bit.

This just tastes like Spring on a fork. The crust is slightly sweet with an earthy balance. It’s topped with honey sweetened sour cream (a trick I learned from Donna Hay who has become a regular “visitor” in our house) and topped with roasted rhubarb jam (thanks to the Joy of Cooking for the inspiration for the jam).

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Rhubarb Apple Chutney with Camembert and Crusty Bread

I meant to do Rhubarb Pear Chutney, but I had some very sad apples that couldn’t even be salvaged in a pie. I simply could not go through with the pear part,  knowing I would have to throw the apples away. That being said, the pears are gorgeous right now and make my mouth water every time I look at that gigantic bag on the counter, carefully ripening at what seems a painful pace, so go ahead and substitute pears if you like.

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Honey Rhubarb Mojitos

I recently saw a post on a rhubarb soda (I can’t seem to remember where, so my apologies) and it got me thinking, “What about a Mojito?!” Now we’re talkin’. At our wedding a few years back we wanted to have a nice virgin cocktail, so we chose one we had from a restaurant in Utah called a Raspberry Balsamic Mojito. It was so delicious. I would have never thought to put balsamic vinegar into a cocktail but it really complements the “sweet” of the drink. The bartender was kind enough to give us the recipe, which we then forwarded to our wedding venue.

I wanted to create a twist on that recipe especially now that spring is in the air.  The tulips are blooming and the warm sun feels good on my face. I just started fixing up the yard with table and chairs, outdoor carpets and cushions and it seemed like the perfect drink to make. This recipe is for a virgin mojito, but of course adding a shot of rum is absolutely allowed!

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