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Coconut Rice Pudding (DF,GF,VG) with Caramelized Banana

I fell in love with this easy to make and “hits the sweet spot just perfectly” coconut rice pudding about 5 years ago. It’s almost a fool proof recipe, made from pantry staples. Before this website ever existed and before my whole food journey began, there was this rice pudding. The only change I’ve made to it since is the type of sweetener I use. I like that I can make endless versions of this based on my mood and what I have on hand.

If you’re new to whole foods, trying to limit the amount of pastries, cakes or chocolates you eat may be challenging. And eliminating all treats may have you doing a bakery drive by like some crazy person.

You know, the kind of person that hurriedly rushes into a pastry store, quickly lists off 5 things you “need” even though you promised yourself you’d only order 1. Your heart rate is up, your palms are sweaty and you know the “post sugar binge regret” will be huge, but you don’t care.

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Tomato Risotto with Cumin and Fennel

As you may already know, date night is an important part of our week. We typically cook together, light candles, enjoy a nice glass of wine and put on some fun music in the background.

Speaking of music

We use Jango as our music source. It’s a pretty fun little tool. Have you ever used it?

We type in an artist and it creates a radio station with similar artists. Or you can choose from ones developed by Jango. So on this date night we decided on Rodrigo Y Gabriela (they’re amazing by the way) and danced in the kitchen. Actually Joshua decided on the music. He’s the designated DJ for our date nights. If you haven’t used it before I recommend checking it out.

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TV Tuesday #27: How To Make Tasty Vietnamese Fresh Rolls

Look up fresh rolls and you’ll get all kinds of possible names for these tasty little 5 minute lunches/dinners. They might be called Goi Cuon, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Summer Roll, Vietnamese Salad Roll, Cold Roll, or as I like to call them, Fresh Rolls.

I like them because, like sushi, I feel that I can stuff them with just about anything, even if it’s a little non-traditional. I can whip them up in about 5 minutes and they taste great. They can vary in filling depending on what individuals like, meaning every single one of them can be different.

We set up a little station with the cut up veggies, omelet or meat, rice or bean noodles (absolutely optional) and lettuce. We roll up a plate of these in minutes and sit down to a super relaxed “convenience” meal, and the drive thru was not required.

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TV Tuesday # 26: How To Make Homemade Vegetarian Sushi Rolls (Sushi Series Part 2)

Sushi makes most people think of raw fish, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of vegetarian and even vegan solutions when it comes to sushi. The best example of that is when it comes to sushi rolls or otherwise known as maki rolls. I love these little babies because I can stuff them with just about anything. I can rummage through the fridge and pick out veggies that need to be used up and make a delicious dinner.

They’re fun to make too, but its the flexibility of the fillings that I love most. Even the sushi rice doesn’t have to be sushi rice. You can use quinoa, sprouted brown rice, or even bulgur. As you can see there is plenty of room for creativity. Yeah!

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