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Little Christmas Present

Ground Turkey Wonton Packages with an Apple Cider Glaze



I’m always looking for great Christmas appys that can be considered reasonably healthy. I grew up in a household where cheese, butter, bacon and pastries took center stage on Christmas Eve, so a veggie platter is just not going to cut it. Though I will still have room on the table for my sister’s mushroom cream stuffed  turnovers, I will still want some balance. I think these little parcels will do the trick nicely. Wonton wrappers stuffed with ground turkey baked to a crispy perfection, sitting in a pool of apple cider glaze. I especially like the blend of crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. I think the show stopper is this ever so simple glaze. A merriment of sweet and savory that is light yet flavorful. I love that they can be made ahead of time, frozen and taken out when needed. I always have an appy on hand when I have unexpected guest and I can feel good about offering something homemade, and reasonably healthy. Wonton wrapper-20 calories  and 1 Tbsp of ground turkey- that’s not bad for a Christmas Indulgence.

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