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Parsnip and Wild Rice Cakes with Pears and a Fennel Cream

Dinner out is often the best inspiration for me, even if the creation that comes from it barely looks or tastes like the thing that inspired me in the first place. This is one of those examples. Don’t worry, I don’t believe this to be a special talent. I know it’s like that for most people but it’s still loads of fun when it happens.  Dinner out for us this week meant a lovely invitation to a friends house. I was excited. Not only is she a fabulous cook, but it meant a lovely break from the kitchen. A recent hand injury made creating and cooking more of a chore than the enjoyable experience that it usually is. This was the perfect treat. I eat better at most of my friends houses than I do in restaurants and for that I am very grateful.

Back to the meal, enough blabbing. The whole meal was incredible but the crab cakes with an ouzo cream and crispy parsley were definitely the highlight. Those of you looking for a fattening recipe, I am sorry to disappoint, there will be no crab cakes in a whip cream sauce. You’ll have to sign up for the newsletter to hear about the “Guilty Pleasure” of the month. However if you did decide to give these a try, I know that I would quickly redeem myself.

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