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Something Savory and a Little Sweet- Onion Jam

My mother was on a macrobiotic cooking kick for a while around the time I was 12 or so. As part of this “kick,” butter and margarine were out and onion butter was in. I’ll tell you what I remember about onion butter (note that these are the perceptions of a 12 year old speaking).

Take a whole bunch of onions and slice them up, then add some water and boil (not caramelise) until they become a consistent soft gruel that is meant to be spread on toast in place of butter. Now I haven’t tried making onion butter myself, so maybe it’s fabulous, maybe it’s not.  However, since I am ruined for life on onion butter, I hesitated with this Onion Jam recipe from the Marie Claire Seasonal Kitchen cookbook. But I’m glad I tried because it is truly fabulous. I think it’s my new favorite condiment. I find myself trying to find ways to use it, so that I can have it more often. Because of my inner fright with onion butter (like monsters under the bed) I created my own adaption to the recipe. I wanted to increase my chances of success as much as possible since I was already so badly jaded. So a little red wine and a little honey. It couldn’t possible hurt. You know what? It’s perfect.

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Olive Prune Tapenade

A quick look on Wikipedia led to this definition of tapenade. So for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of having this delicious olive spread, you may find this discreption helpful.
Tapenade (pronounced tap-en-AAD) is a Provençal dish consisting of puréed or finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. Its name comes from the provençal word for capers, tapenas (Occitan pronunciation: [taˈpenɔ]). It is a popular food in the south of France, where it is generally eaten as an hors d’œuvre, spread on bread. Sometimes it is also used to stuff fillets for a main course.”
Meeting up with friends in Victoria lead us to one of my favorite little spots to eat, snack, drink and/or enjoy some live music. If you’re ever in Victoria, check out the Superior. Expect to be surprised because often the dishes come out quite different than what you would expect. For example, Risotto Gorgonzola comes out looking like sweet and sour chicken balls without the bright pinky red sauce, classic at Chinese restaurants. They’ve taken cold risotto, rolled it into a ball and fried it. One bite had me in heaven.  Warm cheesy risotto goodness with a light and crispy exterior.  

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