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Healthy Herbed White Bean and Olive Salad


White Bean Salad with olives

I don’t often talk about the specific health benefits of the ingredients I use in my recipes, but I felt I needed to “sell” it a bit. There’s nothing real sexy about white beans, but this salad is light, filling and surprisingly tasty in its simplicity. But wait til you hear how good it is for you.

Health Benefits!

This power house of a salad is high in fiber, protein and iron. All due to the mighty little white bean. In 1 cup of beans, you’ll get 75 % of your required fiber, 30% of your protein and 24 % of your iron! Now that’s one packed little bean. It’s one of my favorites because it’s inexpensive (love that part) and easy to find at any super market. It also has a mild taste which makes it’s easy to incorporate into recipes. Want to know more? Click Here.

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Tasty Flax Seed and Almond Cracker Recipe: Full of Omega 3s and Low Carb

Flax Seed and Almond Crackers
I wanted to make a cracker recipe for my friends upcoming visit. The thing about being out in the bush is that you really look forward to people coming to visit. I have been hard at work creating recipes. She no longer eats gluten (for blood sugar reasons) and eats grains in very small amounts. It’s kind of a blend of the Wheat Belly Diet and Eat Right 4 Your Type (affiliate). I wanted to keep that in mind while meal planning for her stay. I picked out some fun cocktail recipes including one made with cilantro lime vodka, and a sparkling wine cocktail made with dark cherry syrup (homemade and low sugar of course). Fun!

I also developed these 3 Ingredient Savory Pancakes. One thing she has been recommended to eat a lot of is cheese and dairy. I thought the yogurt topping would be a nice way of sneaking in some healthy probiotics using Greek yogurt. However, with the cheese (as far as I’m concerned) we’ll need crackers!

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Radishes and Fresh Fennel

Fennel Radish Pear Pecan Salad
As you may have noticed from posts like the one about the Roasted Red Pepper Jam or the very versatile Quinoa Salad, I like recipes that do more than one thing. When we’re talking about the kitchen, there’s only one thing I like better than an amazing tasting meal. That is my love of an amazing tasting meal that comes together in minutes. Usually that is made possible by allowing my efforts in the kitchen to do double duty.

Now, at first marinated radishes and fennel may not seem like much, but you’ll be amazed at what you can do with a recipe that takes 5 minutes of prep time. So please don’t abandon this recipe just yet. It has plenty of room to wow.

Once the prep is done, these babies sit in the fridge (or your picnic basket) and time does the rest of the work. Brilliant!

 “I love work. I could watch it all day long.”

If it is not immediately obvious what you can do with this little diddy, let me elaborate.

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Savory Roasted Red Pepper Jam

I had a mail delivery yesterday. I hardly see people, so a delivery (people and mail) is like Christmas! The few things I had ordered online arrived yesterday, along with my new workout program from Beach Body. I’m pretty excited to get started. There’s only one problem. I’m on day 18 of being on High or Extreme fire potential. 18 LONG days.

That means that everyday I start work at 7:15, I get a break for 75 minutes (not today though because I had to change the oil in my generator, boo) and then rock it out from 9 am and end at 8 pm? And then there’s 2 dog walks a day, general personal hygiene (no running water or bathroom, that’s more time consuming than you think), and whole food meals.

Time! Oh, elusive time, where art thou?!  I’m sure there are quite a few of you that can relate. So here’s my dilemma. How do I follow a consistent workout program when my schedule changes and there seems to be no time left?

I decided to make a crazy decision.

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Winter Wonderland At The Tower and Starting Out With Vegan Cashew Cheese


I’ve arrived. Day three of being at the tower. Good thing they brought in a snow plow to clear the paths to the outhouse, storage sheds and cabin. It would have been days of shoveling. Day 1 of the fire season and I’m starting with a base of 36 cm of snow!

And guess what?

It’s still snowing. I’ve been in a snow cloud now for a solid 24 hours and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. That’s not a bad thing necessarily. It’s giving me lots of time to “settle” in. Unpack boxes and suitcases. It also provides me lots of time to try and find things like where do they keep batteries, the broom and the mop? This place has been shut up since last October so there’s a bit of cleaning to do. And I have nothing but time.

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