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Cranberry Pear Smoothie – Bring On The Fall Flavors!

Cranberry Pear Smoothie

Smoothies don’t always have to include berries. By stepping outside the box, there’s a whole world of flavour combinations awaiting you! I thought I’d share my favourite fall smoothies.

Cranberries have become my new ‘go to’ smoothie fruit. I love that they are tart, relatively low on the glycemic index and offer all kinds of anti oxidants. It’s not news that cranberries also help with urinary tract health. For all those ladies out there that get what my sister calls ‘C.U.T.I. ‘ (acute urinary tract infection) pronounced cutie, ‘like you’re such a cutie patootie’. Except a C.U.T.I  is never cute. Cranberries also help promote mouth health by inhibiting mouth bacteria (your hygienist will thank you) and it’s research is showing promising results for cancer prevention.

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9 Incredible Fruit Smoothies To Jump Start Your Day

Smoothies are a big part of my day since moving out to the bush. Without access to farm fresh eggs, I have decided that smoothies are my go to breakfast these days. Sure there are alternatives, like toast, granola, fruit crumbles even, but those all require time in advance. Not that I don’t bake bread, but I definitely don’t want to eat it everyday, same with granola. The only exception is that I do think I could probably eat fruit crumble (the whole food version) everyday, but I don’t find them very filling. Besides it’s a little harder to sneak veggies into a crumble than into a smoothie.

So, I decided to go on a search for delicious smoothies.

AND I wanted a variety.

Today I might have blueberries, but tomorrow I may not. I may have used up all my spinach and need other vegetable options. Essentially I just need options for a variety of veggies and fruit, since my grocery deliveries are only every 3 weeks. A girl runs out of stuff. Usually the good stuff first…like cherries and spinach.

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Grapefruit Avocado Ginger Smoothie

Though I’ve always loved a good smoothie, I have to be honest, it’s only in the last 6 months that I’ve really gotten into them. I used to like them, but most days the thought never even occurred to me.

Not sure why.

Now I have them almost everyday. Yup. Every. Single. Day.

It’s the perfect lazy man’s meal in a glass. It’s like a salad without having to worry about the dressing. Or chewing for that matter.

Which means it’s in my belly and I’m off to get on with my day.

I like changing up the flavors almost daily since it gives me a wider range of nutrients.

Ok, that’s not true. I just lied.

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TV Tuesday #43: How To Make Sesame Seed Milk (Or Any Nut Or Seed Milk)

This week I wanted to share with you how to make homemade nut or seed milk. It’s ridiculously easy, delicious, inexpensive, has no preservatives, and needs no special equipment.

Anyone with a blender can do this!

I mentioned my upcoming adventure with a mini vegan experiment in my last post, so nut/seed milk will come in handy. But you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy nut/seed milk. Maybe you have a dairy allergy. Or maybe you simple don’t enjoy the taste of milk. Or you can simple try it as an alternative to change things up. Regardless of your motivations to learn, you’ll be excited to know this process takes only a few minutes to make and tastes delicious. You can even add whatever flavor you like by adding dates, raisins (for sweetness), vanilla or changing the flavor by using different types of seeds or nuts.

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The Best Green Power Smoothie

I love smoothies for breakfast, lunch (sometimes), and even dinner – especially after Bikram Yoga.

There’s a problem though. I usually don’t find that they “last” very long.

I don’t know if you’ve heard the saying “fart and you’ll be hungry again,” but that’s how I feel about most smoothies. Until now. I have been drinking this new smoothie for weeks, more often maybe than I should. But when things are busy, smoothies are magic. I blend this baby up and I can even drink it on my way to work. Actually, my work has a blender so sometimes I just pack it all in a plastic container and dump it into the blender for a mid day boost. I never get to stop for lunch, so this smoothie has been a life safer.

Do you ever get so hungry you feel nauseous? That’s me. I’m fine and then all of the sudden, like I was hit by a bus, I’m so hungry I feel sick. Really sick. But now it’s SMOOTHIE time.

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