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Beef Carbonnade with Mixed Mushrooms and Dijon Crostini

There are days when I could stand in the kitchen all day, making one delicious recipe after another. I wake up in the morning with creativity and food on the brain and I don’t stop until I fall into bed that night, exhausted and ridiculously happy. Then there are the rest of the days, when life and its other responsibilities crowd the brain and don’t allow for any fun! Boo. That’s when I like to make stews the most. Sure they take a little time up front, browning meat, cooking the onions and vegetables, but then it’s “sit back and relax” and let the oven make the magic. We eat for days, allowing me to get caught up on my work, making time for another fun filled day of creativity and food!

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Blueberry Basil Muffins with Sprouted Flour and Blue Cornmeal

Sometimes it takes a good friend visiting from out of town to instigate finding a new breakfast creation. As you might already know from a recent post about our granola staple, it often takes a special occasion or being struck from the heavens to inspire something new and delicious.

Breakfast is the easiest meal of the day to get stuck in a rut. Most of us can have the exact same breakfast every single day and not mind at all. The same is definitely not true when it comes to any other meal. Interesting…

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Spicy Pumpkin Ale Bread

As a perfect compliment to the Beef Lentil Pumpkin Stew, try pairing it with this beer bread.

There are a few variations made to the more traditional beer bread recipes. I wanted to cut down on the butter requirements and up the whole wheat flour portion. Most of the time a 1/3 to ½ of the required flour can be substituted for whole wheat flour without affecting the recipe too much. With beer bread, it’s already quite dense and more like a biscuit or Irish soda bread. We are using 2/3 whole wheat flour and 1/3 white flour and added some quick rise yeast to the beer to help attain lighter bread.

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West Coast Crisps

There are times in everyone’s life when there’s more time than money and sometimes the reverse is also true. For those of you that have the time, I highly recommend this cracker recipe from the book Whitewater Cooks at Home by Shelley Adams. Since this isn’t the easiest cookbook to find outside of Western Canada, you’ll need to do a little searching to find a copy. It’s well worth the effort if you do.  I’ve taken to altering it not because the recipe isn’t amazing the way it is, but more because I make it with what we have in the cupboard and it turns out fabulous every time.
Friends of ours from Nelson, BC were kind enough to give us both of the Whitewater cookbooks (You can purchase the first book, Whitewater Cooks, through my recommendations on the right). I remeber visiting them after a long summer of living in the sticks (at the fire tower) and our friend Tamara would always have an amazing meal prepared for us whenever we showed up. After a few “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” once we’d seen and tasted the food, she surprised us with the cookbook that the recipes came from. If we could all be so lucky as to have friends like that!

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Whole Wheat Pita Pizza

The story of how a simple ball of dough turns into something special.

We were digging through the fridge today and found all kind of great treats that we, A.) needed to use up before they go bad, B.) bought at the farmers market in Ocean Beach and simply can’t wait to find ways to use them and C.) had a variety of cheeses. So how does a person make dinner from all of those different things? A recent email from a friend of my mother reminded me of what my mother used to do. It was called “Saturday Leftover Soup Day.” Apparently she thought it was great (her favourite day to “drop by for a visit”) and her email brought back many fond memories. However, I did not think my current selection of leftovers would make a successful soup so we made whole wheat pita pizza instead. Well it turned out so good in fact that I rushed to my computer to share it with all of you.


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