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My Comfort Food

It’s not mashed potatoes but bread is a no brainer when it comes to comfort food. For me it’s toast and tomatoes. This Triple Seed Whole Wheat Bread does the trick very nicely.
We have made this bread recipe that belongs to my mother in law for a couple of years now. We had to make bread from scratch when we isolated ourselves at the fire tower because groceries only came in once a month and we definitely had no room in our tiny 2 square foot freezer to store loaves from the market. But what a great experience it was to learn all these new techniques. What a blessing it was to have internet (I can’t stress that enough) so I could research all sorts of bread recipes.

There were 3 we relied almost entirely. The first was this one of course, our day to day staple. The second was an incredible recipe for authentic Italian pizza dough that I got from And lastly a French bread recipe as a treat. This bread is so great. I can eat this on it own, as the bones that make a sandwich delightful, or as a side dish for fabulous salads such as Tomato and Boccaccini drizzled with olive oil and balsamic. When the markets are show casing heirloom tomatoes, I simply can’t resist picking up some comfort food. Tomatoes and cheese with bread.

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