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Blackberry Lemon Goat Cheese Tart

I am heading to a very good friend’s Birthday BBQ. I have volunteered to bring the birthday dessert, but what to bring? Her favourite dessert is peanut butter cheesecake, so that’s what the birthday girl is going to get! Also one of my favourite, however that get’s a little tricky with all the peanut allergies out there, so I’ll need an alternate choice for her guest. I managed to locate an amazing cheesecake recipe and I’ll be making a lighter and more summery dessert. It is blackberry season on Vancouver Island and a short walk out the front door provides a bountiful supply of wild blackberries. It’s like I’ve moved to heaven. As per usual, I have modified from the recipe that inspired me and created a slightly lower fat version without forsaking flavor. If you have to give up flavor to eat dessert, why bother at all.

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By on August 29, 2010 in Blackberry, Blog, Dessert, Main Ingredient, Recipes, Vegetarian

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