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5 Herbs to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden


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I’m so pleased to have Bryn writing for us today. Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children living in Austin, Texas where she currently works as an Editor for Modernize and nurtures her HGTV obsession. In addition to regularly contributing to Home Decor and Design websites around the web, her writing can be found on Lifehacker, and on her personal blog Her Own Wings.


If you love the taste of fresh ingredients and the satisfaction of providing for yourself, a kitchen herb garden is a perfect addition to your home. Herbs are fairly easy to take care of, making them the perfect gateway to serious gardening for those looking to cultivate a green thumb. They’re also nearly impossible to neglect when they’re right there in your kitchen! And if you’re already an experienced gardener, a kitchen herb garden is a great way to keep doing what you love even during winter.

For anyone who has a passion for adding bold flavors to dishes or wants to try a hand at homemade hygiene products, Modernize suggests the perfect herbs to get your kitchen garden thriving.




Mint is a versatile, refreshing herb with countless uses. In fact, every other herb on this list is part of the mint family. Mint chocolate cake and mint juleps are perfect for entertaining guests, while mint tea can soothe a stomach ache. You can also chew on mint for a quick breath freshener, and even make a homemade flea repellent out of this herb for your furry family member.


Roasted Cauliflower Mint Salad with Citrus Cashew Dressing


While mint is ideal for anything refreshing, like cocktails and salads, rosemary is a perfect addition to cold-weather comfort meals. It can add the perfect nuance to potatoes, dressings, meat, veggies—pretty much any food you can think of as long as you don’t overdo it. It also makes a lovely garnish.


Lavender is known as an all-purpose herb when it comes to fragrance, cleanliness, and relaxation. You can use it to make your own candles, bubble bath, soap, detergent, and potpourri. Don’t forget that its beauty makes it perfect for a wreath or bouquet. But never mind non-edible options—think about the creative ways you can use it in food. If you feel ambitious, lavender macaroons are the height of elegance. Lavender lattes and lemonade are unique and delicious treats that will have all your guests talking long after the party’s over.


Like the other herbs on this list, thyme is very aromatic and has uses both inside and outside of the kitchen. But when it comes to the kitchen, it’s really an all-occasion ingredient that can transform bland to brilliant. From simple pasta meals to the most elaborate dish, it makes a perfect addition—but it pairs most perfectly with Mediterranean flavors like garlic, lemon, olive oil, and oregano. Its earthy flavor is interesting to the palate without being overwhelming.

butternut squash gratin

Butternut Squash, Leek and Hazelnut Gratin


Basil comes in several varieties that can add dynamics to almost any dish. There are spicy, fruity, earthy, and sweet varieties, all of which add their own value and play off of other tastes. Like the other herbs on this list, basil is also known for its remedial properties and can help clear up coughs and colds as well as stomach ailments. While this is known more as a summer herb, you can grow it in winter in the warmth of your home, as long as it’s not taking the draft from a dry heating element.

Zucchini Basiil Salad

Zucchini Basil Salad with Pecorino

All of these herbs fair best with at least four hours of sunlight per day, warmth, and humidity. As winter approaches, make sure they are all safe from direct drafts from your heater and that they receive plenty of water.

Which are your favorite kitchen herbs, and how do you most often use them? Let us know in the comments below!

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Vietnam Highlights and a Prequel to Delicious Vietnamese Recipes


I’m back!! Though this comes as no surprise, I had an amazing trip. Not only did I get to experience an amazing country, meet a population of extremely resources, resilient and entrepreneurial people, eat amazing food (maybe a little too much), BUT I also was able to visit with some dear friends of mine that I am forever grateful to have. Their friendship means the world to me and to have shared some of these experiences with them is really a special gift.

Before I go onto trip details, I want to extend a special thank you to all the wonderful writers, recipe creators and business owners that I was fortunate enough to have come and grace us with their gifts and their talents. If you haven’t had the chance yet, I recommend taking some time to visit the previous 5 blog posts to familiarize yourself with some very note worthy healthy living and healthy eating blogs. Without them, I would have never been able to have this wonderful experience that will be part of me for life.

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How To Survive The Holidays With Your Waistline And Sanity Intact

sex-and-avocadoesMeet Ashley from Love What You Eat. Not only are you going to meet an incredibly talented lady but one with lots of wit to spare. I love her site for the information but also for the laughs! It’s these kinds of funny images you’ll find on her site. After all, every one needs to laugh. The type of information? Well, read on and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

It’s November, and that means one thing: National Deviled Egg Day (link:

Seriously, I kid (and I’m allergic to eggs).

November is the last month of sanity before the chaos of Christmas, and if you want to be all PC about it, let’s just say the holiday season.

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Blueberry Mango Tango Ice Cream and A Serious Steal

Just Making Ice Cream

Photos from Just Making Ice Cream: Don’t you just want to dig right in…

We don’t often do “family friendly” meals or talk about family stuff here at Beyond The Peel. It’s just me and my husband after all. My biggest food challenges are trying to get him to like a select few “offending” vegetables – vegetables I love but I haven’t quite gotten him to fall in love with. That must seem pretty minor to the average mom or dad. I recently received the Real Food Recipes & Resources eBook Bundle, and I thought it would be perfect at filling a need for family friendly meals that I simply can’t meet in my everyday posts.

This is an awesome ebundle of cookbooks for families. Each book has great kid friendly recipes AND those following allergy restricted diets or specialized diets. With 250 recipes (or so) combined it’s a heck of a deal. There’s even one that is specifically designed for kids to get them involved in the kitchen. I can only imagine how priceless that would be.

I may not have kids, but with one of the ebooks being an ice cream cookbook, who needs kids? I mean ice cream is for everyone right!?

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Deliciously Holistic – A Book Review and Lemon Dill Goat Cheese

Lemon Dill Yogurt Goat Cheese

I have had the pleasure of receiving Deliciously Holistic* by Shelley Alexander, this past week. Thank you Shelley for sending me your lovely book to review.** I have spent the last week flipping through it daily, reading not only the recipes, but the wealth of knowledge that it contains. What’s different about this book is that it is a resource, not just a bunch of great recipes (which it also has, more than a 150 in fact).

Maybe I should start by telling you a little bit about Shelley. She is the owner of one of my favorite blogs and companies, A Harmony Healing. She received her chef’s training at The Los Angeles Culinary Institute and is a certified healing foods specialist and holistic chef. So it’s not surprising that every recipes leads in with information about each recipe.

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