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Asian Soba Noodles with Purple Cabbage & Peanuts

While visiting my sister in Edmonton last week I had the pleasure of making a version of this salad. She is now the proud owner of one of my favorite cookbooks, Whitewater Cooks At Home, by Shelley Adams (sorry peeps, not sure if this is available in the States). She wanted to try some recipes together and hadn’t had much of a chance to make anything out of it. This salad was a delightful surprise and one that will grace our table over and over. In fact we’re taking the leftovers with us for a healthy picnic on our way over to Tofino to go whale watching this weekend.

I’ve now made it 2 more times (in less than 10 days!), but I made some changes both times. Don’t get me wrong, the original recipe was delicious, but the salad dressing has a lot of oil and makes almost 2 cups of dressing! We used just over a 1/4 cup leaving us with a ton leftover.  I decreased the oil and substituted this for that, and came up with a recipe that makes just enough dressing for the salad with none left over. I also added the veggies since it was basically just noodles.

I got to have my veggies!

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Kabocha Squash Gnocchi with Curried Fig Butter

Gnocchi often gets put up on a pedestal. It has a reputation for being finicky, precise, and time consuming. I’ve made traditional potato gnocchi before and it’s definitely a lot of work. Well, if something takes a lot of work, my sneaky little mind always goes to work thinking, “How can I still enjoy this food, but make it faster and taste better?”

Enter squash gnocchi.

It’s easier, faster, tastier, and more colorful than potato gnocchi and also allows for a much bigger margin of error. There is nothing worse than working on gnocchi for a couple of hours and then they fall apart once you cook them. It sucks (I know, I know, first world problem).

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