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The Complete Idiots Guide to Fermenting Foods Review & Giveaway!

Do you ferment your own foods? Or are you looking to ferment some of your own foods?

I am so pleased with the release of my friend Wardeh from Gnowfglins newly published book, The Complete Idiots Guide To Fermenting Foods. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was so much more than I thought it would be. I know this will be a resource I will refer to for the rest of my life.

Just so you are all aware, I am not getting paid to do this review. I only review products I’m totally stoked on.

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By on June 24, 2012 in Blog, Giveaway, Reviews

My Favorite Natural Family Planning Solution

I have never talked about birth control or fertility here because it is first and foremost a food blog. But it’s not out of line with natural, healthy living, which ultimately, is what this is all about. But first, I want to tell you about the serious challenges I’ve had over the years with birth control, and the wonderful drug-free solution that I’ve found, and been using, for years. The great news is that whether you are trying to get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant, this solution will work for you.

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By on May 6, 2012 in Blog, Informational, Recipes, Reviews

An Embarrasing Confession, The Next Step, and Help From GNOWFGLINS

A few days ago I took some time to briefly talk about some of the options for traditional preparation of grains, mostly as it pertains to bread. The post on Baked Ricotta with Sourdough was a hint of what might be possible even if you experience intolerance with grains and gluten. I think it’s important to mention it here in more detail and share with you some of my own personal experiences.

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By on April 13, 2012 in Blog, Informational, Reviews

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