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How To Braise Lamb Shanks

Those of you that know me, know that I LOVE Lamb Shanks. There are so many better cuts of meat available but this one is my favorite. When my husband and I were married I knew exactly what I wanted to serve. Lamb shanks of course! As I was discussing my choices with the venue, you could hear an audible snobbery about the peasant meat I had chosen to serve for dinner. Maybe the rack of lamb would be more enjoyable for the guests? No actually, I’m only planning on getting married once and I want duck and lamb shanks. So they obliged (a little reluctantly) and I am so happy they did.  If lamb shanks are braised properly the meat falls off the bone, is tender and the flavor is amazing. The video below is a pretty close approximation of what we had for the reception(the meat part that is). I have never tried to duplicate this recipe myself but this video shows everyone exactly what to do and he does it in under 2 and a half minutes. He’s made it so easy to duplicate, how could anyone resist…vegetarians aside that is. This will be on my weekend “to do” list. Besides his accent is adorable!

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Ridding Your Life of the Addiction to Convenience Food: Some Pantry Staples to Keep Around

Sorry I’m a few days behind, but here is the next video I promised you guys. In this video I take you through a tour of my kitchen to see some of the packaged staples that I keep around that are healthy and make my cooking life more efficient. I’ll be showing you what ingredients I look for and and what I avoid in packaged food, and how you can turn your kitchen into a whole foods safe house where eating tasty, healthy food on the quick is the new norm.

Enjoy and make sure and leave your comments and share with your friends and family. 2 lucky commenters will be winners of our soon to be released cooking workshop!
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Spaghetti Squash Made Delicious

5 Minutes to Yum!
Spaghetti squash is one of the many squash varieties that get little action when it comes to the kitchen. Butternut seems to always come out on top – the popular office chick with all the curves in the right places. My hope is that when you try this recipe out, maybe you’ll reconsider this vegetable choice from time to time. Sometimes the co worker at the back of the office should get invited to happy hour after work too! So it’s not exactly a sexy veg, but inside that pale yellow skin and shapeless orb is something fantastic….after all it is what’s inside that counts people!

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Beef Lentil Stew in a Pumpkin

There’s nothing better than a warm lentil stew on a cool fall night before wrapping yourself up in a blanket and watching a funny movie. Those days where the sun never pops its head out and the rain falls periodically all day, never allowing anything to dry out. It’s the kind of day that rubber boots and cardigans are made for. Well on that day, try this stew, you won’t be disappointed. The stores are filled with the prettiest little squash and pumpkins right now, and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to put some warm comfort food in one. Here is a little bowl of happy for a dreary day.  Let me know what kind of pumpkin you used and what videos you’d like to see in the future!

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