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At the Restless Palate I want you to celebrate food and to feast on what comes from the earth, feeds off the earth and its bounty.

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I believe in moderation in all things except in plant based foods (fill your boots). But life is about living, so sometimes you just need to eat the freakin’ cupcake and at least in my life, I also make room for crispy oven roasted pork belly, BBQ beef ribs and banana walnut fudge (this one’s actually healthy).

I’ve tried every diet under the sun. Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Candida, Gluten free, Grain Free, Dairy Free. I won’t lie…it’s kind of exhausting to keep up with it all! Now I don’t worry about that stuff so much. The key for me has simply been mindfulness and moderation.

I hope you’ll join in on my adventures in life and food. Let’s satiate our restless palates.

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