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Healthy Baked Mac and Cheese (DF option)

My father died 2 weeks ago today.

I left my tower on Tuesday morning, knowing I needed to get home to see him. He wasn’t doing well. In fact, he was starting to spiral downwards. He had the advanced stages of dementia.

I did not get there in time.

That part is going to be hard for me.

But I’m back at the cabin/tower now. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so grateful for a series of rainy days. After 10 days of grief, stress, family drama and so much sadness, I am tired. Really tired. Rainy days are exactly what this girl needs. The radios are quiet, there isn’t any yard maintenance projects to do, and with the cabin being replaced next year, there’s not much to do inside either. I can rest.

Now all I need is a steady stream of comfort food. After all, emotional eating is healthy…right?

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Roasted Cauliflower Mint Salad With Citrus Cashew Dressing


There are some flavors that make you feel like it’s spring, no matter what the temperature is outside. Take dill for example. There’s nothing “winter” about dill. No matter how you shake a stick (or magic wand) at it. Mint is the same. So while the snow was falling and the temperature dropped to below 0, I decided to eat “spring” until it decided to show up.

I have good news!

Ok a couple of pieces of good news.

First, spring is here. There are no sub zero temperatures in the forecast, in fact it will be down right balmy. Balmy for Canada at any rate. If the forecast holds true  (pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top), this girl just might have another shower in her future. All be it, an outdoor shower stall made out of painted plywood. But a shower…a glorious shower. And since I forgot to shave my arm pits the last time I had a shower (on Monday)…I’m kinda lookin’ forward to it.

What can I say, I like a clean armpit. Don’t judge.

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Winter Wonderland At The Tower and Starting Out With Vegan Cashew Cheese


I’ve arrived. Day three of being at the tower. Good thing they brought in a snow plow to clear the paths to the outhouse, storage sheds and cabin. It would have been days of shoveling. Day 1 of the fire season and I’m starting with a base of 36 cm of snow!

And guess what?

It’s still snowing. I’ve been in a snow cloud now for a solid 24 hours and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. That’s not a bad thing necessarily. It’s giving me lots of time to “settle” in. Unpack boxes and suitcases. It also provides me lots of time to try and find things like where do they keep batteries, the broom and the mop? This place has been shut up since last October so there’s a bit of cleaning to do. And I have nothing but time.

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Mango Quinoa Salad with a Lime Ginger Vinaigrette

Summer salads are a must for picnics and BBQs, but what I hate is a salad that gets soggy and nasty an hour after the dressing has been added. For example, a tossed green salad or a spinach salad are delicious but what a waste if the entire salad doesn’t get eaten! When going to a pot luck or barbeque, let me suggest something that can hold up to being left sitting in the heat for a long time, gets better on day 2, and allows you to eat the left overs for several days after the party is over, if you should be so lucky. Bean salads and vegetable salads are great, but I like to bring quinoa salads. They’re great for the vegetarians in the crowd but are also great for celiacs and this one is even vegan friendly. The meat eater out there won’t complain either!

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Pasta with a Fresh Mango Cashew Cream and Bay Scallops

As a follow up to a previous post, I wanted to make a version of a pasta dish that my husband had at a restaurant called The Flying Otter Grill while we were in Victoria for the May long weekend, AKA my birthday week. Not exactly a place that you would instantly suspect had good food. Though it had a beautiful view, being right on the water in the downtown Victoria harbor. I suspect that it’s location had more to do with the fact that this company also runs a float plane business. Yup, like a mini airport on the water. See what I mean. Airport food? Not most people’s first choice. I guess the building they are in has a lot more space than they needed to run flight tours, scenic flights and hop over flights to Vancouver, so they decided to use the remaining space for a restaurant/ pub on the water. Not a bad idea. This place is not at all what you would suspect from the phone message you get when calling in for reservations. Option 6 gets you the restaurant, but the first 5 options talks about flight options. At first I almost hung up thinking I had gotten the wrong number. I am glad I didn’t.

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