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Sour Cherry Yogurt Scones with Cardamom Honey Butter

Sour Cherry Yogurt Scones 1

Some mornings just call out for decadence. Slow mornings. Morning that include coffee made from fresh roasted beans paired with freshly baked something or other. The sun streaming in between the curtains, creating a painting of it’s own across the table’s surface. The kind you can rest your hand in and feel it’s warmth as you slowly sip your morning brew. Slow mornings that include BUTTER. As they should.

These aren’t the regular buttery scones you might be used too. Too finicky for me. Also too finicky for slow lazy mornings. As luck would have it, they just happen to be a healthier take on the classic.

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Chocolate Tart with Balsamic Stewed Cherries

Chocolate TartI hinted about pie on Tuesday while cooking up chocolate for dinner and once the seed was planted, that’s all I could think about it. So it was with some determination that I ripped the cabin cupboards apart to find some kind of a pie plate. I came up with one mangled foil pie plate! Success. As much as you can call a ratty tatty broken foil pie plate success.

A Chocolate Tart was born. It helps that I actually had the ingredients on hand to make it. Running to the store isn’t exactly an option. So with chocolate and a foil pie plate in hand I now present…

Chocolate Pie. Dat dada dah!

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Pork and Kale Tacos with Cherry Cilantro Salsa

I get emails and feedback from time to time saying things like, “I want simple, easy recipes, nothing exotic with easy to get ingredients.”

So what qualifies as exotic and unusual?

As defined by a dictionary, exotic is: Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange.

Funny thing is, quinoa sounded quite exotic to me 6 years ago, but to the Peruvian people this is the most basic ingredient found in their kitchen, like corn meal might be to Mexicans.

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Dilemma Resolved: Dried Cherry, Almond & Black Pepper Biscotti Recipe

I mentioned in an earlier post on Chocolate Cherry Protein Balls that I love cookies. I don’t make them often, because I will eat them all, but also because there’s a frightening amount of sugar in every cookie recipe. Without the sugar, it’s really not a cookie. Unless, of course, it’s a biscotti! Traditionally, Italians don’t really use a lot of sugar in these little cookies, because they intended for them to be dipped in wine. An Italian biscotti just might be the answer to my cookie dilemma. I want something to satisfy a sweet tooth without all the sugar. Something to dip in a nice cup of tea in the evening with out any of the guilt. If you’ve ever felt like that, then by all means, read on.
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“Naughty But So Nice” Double Chocolate Cherry Protein Balls

I was motivated to make this recipe for 2 reasons. Reason one : My husband and I just started the Insanity workout. It’s a DVD workout that we can do from home together, so there’s no excuses. First off, it’s tough, really tough. You know you’re in for a world of hurt when the participants on camera (the fitness actors per say) can’t complete it and they are lying on the floor dying in between sets. About 30 minutes after the workout, I’m pretty shaky, very hungry and a little nauseous. So I needed to have something I could grab quickly as I’m walking out the door with the dog before I come back and have my breakfast. Reason two: I am a little PMS-y, as my husband can attest, and I’m going through some major chocolate cravings.

Just to relieve my guilt of using a cup of white chocolate chips in a recipe titled Protein Balls, I did do a calorie count. Not bad, 130 a piece. I can handle that.

So here are a list of things I tell myself to relieve any guilt that may be remaining.

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