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Slow Cooker Apple Pie Steel Cut Oats

Photography by Kamila Gornia

I am happy to welcome Kammie today. She is a such a multifaceted person that I’m not sure where to start. Between working on 2 degrees, her day job at Social Media Marketing agency as a project manager and strategist and being a freelance photographer, I’m not sure where she finds to time to run a website and share her wonderful recipes and her journey with all of us. But I’m happy she does!

Hey there Beyond The Peel readers! My name is Kammie and I am the blogger behind Sensual Appeal, where I share everything that is delicious, mindful, and happy!

Raise your hand if you love Autumn! *raises hand*

Ahh… yes. I love Autumn. It’s, without a doubt, my favorite season. I love the weather – the temperatures are perfect, it’s not too cold and not too warm. The leaves are turning beautiful tones of yellow and red and falling on the ground. It’s also the season for all Fall flavors which includes APPLES.

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Peanut Butter Bars and Creep In On My Costco Cart

So where should I start? Delicious Peanut Butter Bars or my Costco shopping cart/ confession?

Let’s start with my Costco shopping cart and my embarrassing confession. I like getting the bad stuff out of the way first.

Deep breath…

I, France Jeanne D’Arc Morissette, creep on other peoples grocery carts.

I know, I know! So bad but it’s true.

why am I telling you this?

It’s true. I do the grocery cart creep.

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Roasted Cauliflower Mint Salad With Citrus Cashew Dressing


There are some flavors that make you feel like it’s spring, no matter what the temperature is outside. Take dill for example. There’s nothing “winter” about dill. No matter how you shake a stick (or magic wand) at it. Mint is the same. So while the snow was falling and the temperature dropped to below 0, I decided to eat “spring” until it decided to show up.

I have good news!

Ok a couple of pieces of good news.

First, spring is here. There are no sub zero temperatures in the forecast, in fact it will be down right balmy. Balmy for Canada at any rate. If the forecast holds true  (pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top), this girl just might have another shower in her future. All be it, an outdoor shower stall made out of painted plywood. But a shower…a glorious shower. And since I forgot to shave my arm pits the last time I had a shower (on Monday)…I’m kinda lookin’ forward to it.

What can I say, I like a clean armpit. Don’t judge.

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The Millet Energy Salad

I’ll be hosting the Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking event during the month of October. The WWC was started by Sanjeeta at Lite Bite. This month the challenge is to use millet in a lunch recipe. Once a week during the month of October I’ll be sharing some fab millet recipes for those of you interested in trying a new wholegrain on for size.

It’s funny, as soon as you start looking for millet, you’ll find it everywhere. I recently saw it on Jeanette’s Healthy Living, Chicken Thai Skewers (served with millet) and Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers with Millet and Black bean Pilaf. Or this delightful recipe at Lite Bite for Millet Chocolate Cake.

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“Stick It To The Man” Homemade Granola

Every household has a staple that they regularly rely on for lunch or dinner. This one is our breakfast “go to.” Once I figured out how easy it was to make it, we stopped buying the store bought version. The motivating factor of course is all the junk that manufacturers put in it to extend it’s shelf life but not only that, the sugar content is off the charts. So, with that in mind, I know present to you…

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