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4 Ingredient Maple Adobo Glazed Salmon (15 minutes flat)

Sweet and Spicy Salmon

There are days when simplicity is best. When it’s just about getting something tasty, flavorful and easy into the belly. Especially when the mind is too cluttered to give much thought to dinner.  Serve it with greens and dinner is done. Thank gawd because sometime….we all have those days. 

Sweet, spicy and tangy. What could be better all smothered on top of a thick slice of wild salmon?

4 ingredients, 15 minute sweet and spicy wild salmon. Is there really any need to say more? I didn’t think so. Continue Reading →

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Orange and Salmon Lox Mille Feuille

Orange and Salmon Lox Mille Feuillejpg
When you can’t go anywhere for date night, you just have to make it special at home.

Being trapped in the bush makes it so going anywhere for dinner really isn’t an option, but neither is foregoing date night!  Being out in the boreal forest with not much to do in the evening also leaves us plenty of time to do date night as often as we like.

“Mille Feuille” translates to thousand leaves and traditionally there are 3 layers of puff pastry and 2 layers of pastry cream. But it could be so much more than just cream and pastry (not that there isn’t a place for that too!).

I was recently inspired by Mireille Guiliano with her idea of creating “Mille Feuille” appetizers using fruits and vegetables as the layers. We tried it with grapefruit and mashed avocado as the layers. It was delish. So easy and good in fact, that we tried it the following day with orange and salmon lox.

If you enjoy salmon lox, I think you’ll enjoy the play between the sweet and salty.  I added just a touch of goat cheese to add a bit of a sour tang and olive oil for satiety. The combination of all 4 creates a balanced flavor profile.

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Salmon Kabobs with Pine Nut Salsa and Sprouted Spelt Naan Bread

Sometimes it just nice to have a simple meal without all the bells and whistle. The simplicity of a rich fish, nut salsa with some naan bread and yogurt cheese was the the perfect compliment to a warm winter afternoon. I was able to strike up the barby, get some naan bread going and grill up some fish. Yes I made my naan bread on the bbq! What a lovely way to take a break from the day on a Saturday afternoon, sitting on bar stools at the kitchen counter, the sun streaming in. My honey bee had gotten home from skiing and it was a lovely way to just settle into a nice afternoon.

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Tunisian Spiced Baked Salmon with Minted Aioli

This is one of those recipes I’m really happy I tried. As I have been researching fun ways to incorporate my preserved lemons, I have been reconnected with flavors that I love like paprika, coriander, cumin, garlic, lemon and capers. These flavors are not only Tunisian but are commonly recognized as Moroccan as well. It was my recent Vegetable Tagine that led me down this path and as a result I have a few recipes in store for you.

So for those of you with some preserved lemons in your fridge, we have a few fun dishes to get that lemon out of it’s brine and into your tummies. For those of you that don’t have any preserved lemons around, what’s stopping you?! Citrus is in season and a fabulous addition to the cuisine from the countries listed above, but also East African, Cambodian, Indian and French cuisine.

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Salmon Cakes with a Spicy Red Pepper Sauce and Wilted Spinach

I wanted to share this simple, tasty recipe with all of you. Some of you that signed up for the free mini e-cookbook already have this recipe. Those of you that have not yet singed up, this is a little sneak peek into a fun set of recipes anyone can throw together fairly easily, especially if you don’t mind roasting up some vegetables ahead of time.

My inspiration came from a Crab Cake Benny I saw on a breakfast menu in town. I went with wild salmon because it easier to find and cheaper. I needed to find a replacement for the hollandaise and this Red Pepper Sauce is a winner. We originally tried this on an English muffin but the bread was not a good match. So I opted for spinach and they compliment each other well. This is a very healthy version of Eggs Benny, but this is better served for brunch, lunch or dinner. Want it for breakfast? Why not, heck add a poached egg and you have a breakfast of champions!


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