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Eggplant Stuffed With Chai Spiced Quinoa (or Stuffed Sweet Potatoes)

Roasted Eggplant with Chai Spiced Quinoa

Cinnamon, cardamom, clove, pepper and anise, all spices that embrace you like a blanket. They whisper comfort and warmth while still being tantalizing and sexy. Maybe it’s because they feel exotic. When the weather turns grey and the air starts to nip, I turn to chai tea inspired spices. Whether it’s in a cup of tea, a bowl of quinoa porridge or a comforting bowl meaty of stew, a combination of a few of these spices are sure to make an appearance on my table. It’s no surprise that I heart Chinese 5 spice, and this braised chicken dish so darn much. I’ve since used that recipe, substituting lamb and beef. Both versions were fab! Continue Reading →

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Brie and Walnut Portobello Mushrooms with a Tomato Balsamic Emulsion

I’m all alone for dinner. Yup and I’m excited! In my house that means making all kinds of yummy food that wouldn’t really go over well, like popcorn for dinner for instance. That’s the type of thing you do when you’re alone. One of my favourite things in fact. Go figure. So while the hubby is away I eat all the foods I love.

Enter portobello mushrooms. I love them! But to serve it as the center piece of a meal, it wouldn’t really fly.

While I have this time to myself, I plan to get my fill of portobellos (2 for me and no sharing, yippee), eggplants (I bought 2), olives (I bought 3 containers!) and stinky blue cheese, swoon.

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The Gift Of Family and A Versatile Roasted Carrot Recipe

Before I get into the recipe…I think we should get caught up! After all it’s been awhile.

I missed you so much.

You know, I hadn’t intended to be away quite so long. I had hoped to host our regular Keep It Real Thursdays, but alas, I’m a few days late.

It has been a hectic couple of weeks and I am glad to be back to a regular routine. We had some challenges, suffered losses and over came some health issues, human and canine. But such is life.

The good news is that in each case there was a silver lining and I am so thankful for the blessings in my life.

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10 Five Minute Whole Food Lunches You Need To Make

Back in the day, when 9 to 5 was part of my life, lunches were hard.

Isn’t it just easier to eat out?

Well for me that wasn’t the dilemma, I didn’t really like eating out for lunch. It was expensive and I’d rather spend that money on a sweet pair of boots or jeans, a new 800 count Egyptian cotton duvet, or maybe that new blouse I’ve been eyeing up with the peekaboo back…

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Keep it Real Thursdays – Unbelievable Quinoa Buckwheat Granola (GF, DF, VG)

My best friend in the whole wide world is visiting me this week and I’m super excited. We have a camping trip planned to check out Salt Spring Island and I’m really stoked. As a result we need easy no fuss breakfast solutions. What better camping breakfast food (and anytime breakfast food) than granola?

Why I love granola:

  • It pack easily
  • Keeps well in an airtight container
  • It is nutritiously dense
  • The ingredients are really flexible
  • Its easy to make
  • Can be eaten as a snack as well as for breakfast
  • It taste freaking amazing

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