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Healthy Herbed White Bean and Olive Salad


White Bean Salad with olives

I don’t often talk about the specific health benefits of the ingredients I use in my recipes, but I felt I needed to “sell” it a bit. There’s nothing real sexy about white beans, but this salad is light, filling and surprisingly tasty in its simplicity. But wait til you hear how good it is for you.

Health Benefits!

This power house of a salad is high in fiber, protein and iron. All due to the mighty little white bean. In 1 cup of beans, you’ll get 75 % of your required fiber, 30% of your protein and 24 % of your iron! Now that’s one packed little bean. It’s one of my favorites because it’s inexpensive (love that part) and easy to find at any super market. It also has a mild taste which makes it’s easy to incorporate into recipes. Want to know more? Click Here.

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Mediterranean Zucchini and White Beans & Something BIG

Something big happened to me yesterday.

Really big.

Wait for it.

I got to go into town. Yup. The equivalent of a lookout obverser winning the lottery (ok, not quite, but pretty darn special). Only being 11 days in…this makes it even more rare. I took full advantage of stocking up on odds and ends I wish I had brought out in the first place and stocked up on fresh herbs (what a treat).

And, I did my laundry…

I really wish I had known that I had a town day in my future before I hand washed 30 individual socks. Let me tell you that little 400 square foot cabin looked pretty ridiculous. 30 socks drying off clothes lines hanging across the living room from the ceiling.

In town, I drank a beer. It was fabulous. End of story.

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Smoky White Beans and Red Pepper Kale Stew

I’m hoping last night was one of the last snow “storms”, but it is Northern Alberta so I won’t be holding my breath. Last time I was out here it snowed 16 inches on the May long weekend…So, like a said…not keeping my hopes up.

But you know what? Snow isn’t all that bad.

There’s something peaceful about being in a cabin, toasty and warm, looking out the window and feeling like you’re in a snowball. The world kinda melts away. There is a heavy silence that seems to fall over the little place I currently call home. Perfect for yoga or a good book. You know what else is great about the snow? Tracks.

Today I saw a nice set of moose tracks, 2 moose actually and deer tracks. I even saw the littlest, cutest bunny tracks you ever did see in the freshly fallen snow. So freakin’ cute!

It’s expected to warm up for the next few days, which means it’s red rubber boot season!

Yeah for splashing in big muddy puddles! All those into puddle jumping say “Whohooo”!

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Italian White Bean Sausage and Kale Stew

As we pack up our life on the Island, it’s also time to clean out the freezer and use up odds and ends. Not the most fun, but definitely a creative process. I have a tendency to freeze little bits of things that I know would come in handy latter.

I used up a few tablespoons of tomato paste I had froze to make homemade spicy ketchup, and a chili in adobo (yes I froze a single chili, don’t laugh) to make some yummy salsa. I’ve had some fun with some red quinoa I had froze, making salads and poached eggs on quinoa.

Digging through the freezer I came across a gorgeous pack of hot Italian sausages. How could I have forgotten them! Our local butcher  (no antibiotics, no hormones, grass fed, organic free range awesomeness) makes these delicious sausages with no fillers and uses real casings. The flavor is exceptional. And to be honest, they don’t last long in our house. Mostly because of this stew.

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Huevos Rancheros With Adobo Chili Salsa

First off, for those of you that don’t know, I’m Canadian. Why do I bring it up? Well, because Canadians know nothing about Mexican food. It’s true. In my 33 years, I’ve only eating at one good authentic Mexican restaurant in Canada. It was a one woman show in Peace River, Alberta. Maria was a Mexican lady who cooked like a demon. Other than that, it’s either been ok food or good, but definitely not authentic.  Good tortillas are almost non-existent and if you can find some homemade ones for sale, there about 5 bucks for a dozen! Hello, it’s made from corn flour not pixie dust! They are so hard to find in fact that most dinners that serve a Huevos Rancheros serve it with tortilla chips instead. I bought a small package of corn tortillas at the store (you can see them in the picture, but they were NOT good. A waste of calories in my opinion. I like beans enough that I would just eat it as is anyway.

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